Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension And Cargo Carrier (Preorder) XL


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6 1/2’ Truck Bed + 2’ Tailgate + Up To 1’ of Space Beyond End of Tailgate + 2’ Cari-Mor Deck = 11.5’ of Rock Solid Support!

8’ Truck Bed + 2’ Tailgate + Up To 1’ of Space Beyond End of Tailgate + 2’ Cari-Mor Deck = 13’ of Rock Solid Support!

Cari-Mor manufactures the only product that functions as a truck bed extension and a cargo carrier… But we’re not talking about your average truck bed extension or carrier. Cari-Mor will redefine the personal cargo transportation industry.

Cari-Mor features a lower support unit engineered for unsurpassed strength and versatility. With adjustments for depth, height, and pitch. Cari-Mor fits all truck models and most hauling situations. Our patented lower support unit features internal threads that tightly lock the lower support unit to your vehicle hitch, making it a part of the vehicle. No more rattle, no more wobble.

Our patented deck measures 58 1/2” x 24,” and is available in aircraft grade 6061

51.5” X 24” and 58.5” X 24”, and is available in both aluminum. Once the lower support unit has been adjusted to fit your truck, you can

attach the deck to create a continuous plane beyond the end of your tailgate; transforming your short bed pick-up truck into a long bed. Don’t lose your truck bed to a toolbox or damage your tailgate overloading the end with heavy construction material, or your ATV. Let Cari-Mor handle the long heavy loads your tailgate wasn’t designed for.

Let’s not forget about the vans, SUVs and RVs. Attach all the perimeter fences to the deck and you have a cargo carrier that actually enhances the look of your vehicle. Your cargo is oriented away from the road protecting it from exhaust fumes and road debris and can be adjusted away from your vehicle allowing you access to the back door. With Cari-Mor, you are traveling with the rugged good looks that define the adventurer in you.

Oh, and best of all…You get to leave your trailer at home.

Download our full-color product catalog (PDF) from our last expo

“We build the very best the industry offers in hitch mounted platform bed extensions and hitch mounted cargo carriers. Simply because we understand the value of your investment that will be riding on our product.”
Owner-Barry Whiteford


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