Cari-Mor has been manufacturing unique innovative products for the last 20 years for private clients. Owner Barry Whiteford, an journeyman welder and innovator, takes special interest in craftsmanship and safety as he approaches common problems his customers and friends have and creates products to solve them.

In 2022 after securing seed money, Cari-Mor began prototyping and manufacturing with a US-based manufacturer, freeing up Barry’s time to innovate his catalog of products starting with an aerial yoga stand, greatly informed by certified yoga teacher Kelly Burnham who owns a local yoga studio. After three rounds of prototyping to make the yoga stand both light enough to carry but also sturdy enough to support a wide range of body types, the design was finalized and online sales will begin in Q4 of 2022.

The second Cari-Mor product to receive a detailed prototyping and manufacturing treatment before launch will be their truck bed extension, a product popular during outdoor and recreational expos before COVID. This product will likely be ready for presale in Q1 of 2023. To stay in touch, sign up for our occasional emails about product releases, sales, and more.

Aerial yoga stands available for for preorder!