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Snowmobile Carrier...

Traveling in the winter can be treacherous enough, but if you add a trailer to the equation traveling become even more difficult. Leave the trailer at home...Cari-Mor can now function as your snowmobile carrier.

If you travel in a land that recieves a significant amount of snow fall, you probably ride with an extra long track.. Most trucks don't have enough bed space to transport these sleds. The only transportation method you used to have available was a tow-behind trailer. Well thankfully, those days are over, and Cari-Mor has the solution.

The Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier functions as the perfect snowmobile carrier because it provides you with deck that is two feet deep, and can provide you with support up to three feet beyond your tailgate.

You now have the extended length you need to get to the trails without your trailer.


Don't Lose Your Truck Bed To A Tool Box...

If you're like most of us, you have a tool box in your truck bed, a folding tonneau cover, or other tools or toys.

These items further reduce the amount of space you have available in your short bed pick-up truck. Maybe you can get away with putting the weight on the end of your tailgate, but nobody wins when you break your tailgate or damage your truck. Thankfully, Cari-Mor has been in the lab and developed a solution for your needs.

Cari-Mor's unique patented bed extender adjusts to the depth and height of your truck, creating a level plane beyond the end of your tailgate. Cari-Mor Transforms your short bed pick-up truck into a long bed.

Your tool box will no longer be a problem with the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier. So don't worry about removing your toolbox to load your sled. Getting to the trails will be a lot easier this year with the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extender & Cargo Carrier.

Bed Extender Strong Enough For Big Sleds...

Cari-Mor Was designed for strength and versatility. It all comes from the intelligent engineering of our deck and lower support unit.

Our 24" x 54" and 24" x 61" aluminum decks slide onto the steel lower support unit. The incredible push/pull strength provides you with unsurpassed strength. When the deck is adjusted to the depth and height of your tailgate, Cari-Mor will now carry the heavy loads your tailgate can't handle. Cari-Mor is the only bed extender strong enough to handle the big sleds.

Cari-Mor is a revolution in truck accessories. It is the only unit that adjusts to the depth and height of all trucks, transforming your short bed pick-up truck into a long bed. Haul more cargo with Cari-Mor

Please Note...Cari-Mor can hold more weight than your truck and/or reciever hitch. Please exercise caution, and do not exceed the weight limits of your truck and/or reciever hitch.