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Tailgate extender as motorcycle carrier
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Motorcycle Carrier...

When it's time to travel to your next rally, travel in style with Cari-Mor.

No one likes towing a trailer. It's even more of a burden when you have to tow your trailer through a town with a thousand other motorcycles. Cari-Mor has the transport your motorcycle with your truck.

With many convenient tie-down locations, you can secure your bike to the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier. This allows you to get the downward tie-down down strength you need to secure your bike. You can now use the tie-down rings in your truck to provide opposing strength.

Your bike is ready to ride in your truck with its nice smooth shocks....Your bike deserves a better than your trailer.


Extended Length For Short Bed Trucks...

Many small to mid-size pick-up trucks do not have enough bed length to transport their motorcycle. You don't want your bike to ride on your tailgate because there are no tie-down locations and it will damage your truck. In many cases it won't work because your bike is longer than your truck bed and tailgate.

Cari-Mor provides the extended deck space you need beyond the end of your tailgate, transforming your short bed pick-up truck into a long bed. Our deck can be adjusted to provide you with rock solid support three feet beyond the end of your tailgate. Your motorcycle can now ride securely on the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier.

Your bike will also be higher off the road, protecting it from the stones and road debris kicked up on the highway. Make your travels to the rally this year a lot with Cari-Mor.

Engineered For Strength & Payload...

You have a lot of weight in that iron block, more weight than your tailgate wasn't designed for. You might also have a frame that is longer than your truck bed. Cari-Mor will solve both problems with the strongest truck bed extension on the market.

Cari-Mor was engineered as an alternative solution for a tow-behind trailer. If a bed extender is to function as an alternative solution to a tow-behind trailer, it must be designed with enough strength to support the weight of a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or side by side. Cari-Mor provides the strength you need to haul all of your cargo.

Please Note... The Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier can hold more weight than your truck and/or reciever hitch. Please travel safely with Cari-Mor and do not exceed the weight capacities of your truck and/or reciever hitch.

Haul more cargo with Cari-Mor.