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A Revolutionary Cargo Carrier...

Cari-Mor Is unique because it functions as both a truck bed extension and cargo carrier. Our cargo carrier is different than other competitors' models..

The gaurd rails on our deck are removable which allows it to be very versatile. With the gaurd rails attached and your Cari-Mor cargo bag, you have the perfect cargo carrier.

Our cargo carrier is far superior due to its unique engineering. Cari-Mor adjusts to lift your cargo off the road and away from your vehicle, protectting it from fumes and road debris. This design also allows you access to your tailgate or back door.

Cari-Mor has also been engineered for strength, so you know your cargo will be safe during your travels. You can truck Cari-Mor to keep your cargo safe during your travels.


Designed For Strength And Highway Safety...

Outdoor and travel enthusiasts have had few options to choose from when purchasing a cargo carrier. Most cargo carriers are poorly designed with minimal strength. They don't adjust in depth or height, and they don't have brake lights, signal lights, or reflective markers for highway safety.

Cari-Mor has all the necessary lights and reflective markers for safe highway travel and DOT compliance. Whether you need a cargo carrier for your truck, SUV, or RV, Cari-Mor has the strength and functionality you need to safely transport your cargo. Our lights and reflective markers will let driver know you have a cargo carrier...even at night.

Cari-Mor has engineered the strongest and most intelligent cargo carrier for your personal cargo transportation needs. Travel safer with Cari-Mor

Cargo Carrier And Truck Bed Extender...

A standard cargo carrier provides one specific function...personal cargo transportation. They are manufactured at fixed heights and depths and allow for no adjustment to the vehicle. Other cargo carriers cannot be used for a truck bed extension.

Standard truck bed extenders and tailgate extenders can only be used with pick up trucks. They are also limited to certain functions: A simple hitch T-Bar extension, or a cage to stack material on your tailgate doesnt't provide you with versatile cargo transportation you need.

Cari-Mor has broken barriers in personal cargo transportation by designed a unit that can function as both a truck bed extender and Cargo Carrier.

Cari-Mor has the solution for your cargo transportation needs.