Tailgate extender functioning as a boat carrier
Boat carrier
Bed extender as a boat carrier
Cargo Carrier

Multi-Functional Boat Carrier...

Modern day short bed pick up trucks lack the bed length we need to carry our Jon Boat, Canoe, or any other extender length material. If we have a tool box in our bed or anyt other cargo, we lose even more bed length.

With the multi-functional Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier, your boat can be loaded in the back of your truck. With Many convenient tie-down locations, you know your boat will be secure riding on the Cari-Mor

Cari-Mor is a unique tailgate extender, because of its strength and versatility. Most tailgate extenders only offer a single bar for your cargo to rest on. Not only does it provide you with very little support, you have few options to secure your cargo with rope to tie-down straps. Cari-Mor provides a rugged deck that creates a continuous plane beyond the end of your tailgate, allowing for strength and numerous tie-down locations.


Cari-Mor Replaces Need For Trailers...

So you're a truck enthusiast and you like the great outdoors. You have a Jon Boat, canoe, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, or more.. In the past, you needed a tow-behind trailer for each one of your toys. With the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension and Cargo Carrier, all of your outdoor toys can be loaded in your truck bed.

Cari-Mor provides the extended length you need to transport your outdoor cargo. Think about the the various trailers you own to transport your goods. Several thousand dollars worth of trailers can be replaced with a single Cari-Mor truck bed extension.Cari-Mor also provides many other functions, such as a cargo carrier and work deck. Cari-Mor is a revolutionary product that will change the way truck and SUV owners transport their cargo.

So go ahead and leave your trailer at home the next time you need to transport your boat or any other extended length material...You can haul more cargo with Cari-Mor.

Fits All Truck Models and Hauling Situations...

The Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension and Cargo Carrier is extremely versatile. Cari-Mor is installed by simply sliding the lower support unit into your reciever hitch. You then adjust your deck to the depth and height of your truck, SUV, or hauling situation. Our 24" x 54" and 24" x 61" decks provide you with unsurpassed strength and veratility, plus up to 3' of support beyond the end of your tailgate.

The cari-mor truck bed extender can be used to carry your boat or any other recreational items in your truck bed. Our patented deck and lower support unit adjust work together to create a continuous plane beyond the end of your tailgate. No other truck bed extension manufacturer can make that claim.

If you only need additonal cargo space outside of our vehicle, attach the gaurd rails, throw on your Cari-Mor cargo bag, and you have the best cargo carrier on the market...Haul more cargo with Cari-Mor.