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Bed Extender As ATV Carrier...

Cari-Mor was originally designed as an alterative solution to a a trailer. Most short bed pick up trucks do not have enough room to transport two ATV's. Many can't transport one ATV because of their tool box. And trust us, you don't want to ruin your tailgate with your ATV loaded on the end ot it. Cari-Mor provides the solutions for all your ATV transportation needs.

Cari-Mor is a true bed extender and tailgate extender. Our patented system adjusts to the depth and height of all tailgates to provide a continuous plane beyond the end of your tailgate. Cari-Mor will hold the weight your tailgate was not designed for.

Please Note....The Cari-Mor truck bed extender and cargo carrier can hold more weight than your truck and/or reciever hitch. Do not exceed the weight limits of your truck and/or reciever hitch.



Cari-Mor Will Protect Your Tailgate...

Being a true tailgate extender, Cari-Mor provides a 24" x 54" or a 24" x 61 deck that extends beyond the end of your tailgate. Your ATV can now sit on the Cari-Mor truck bed extension preventing damage to your tailgate.

A tailgate extender or bed extender is needed for many reasons. Many short bed pick up trucks do not have the required bed length to carry one or two ATV's. Many of us have tool boxes in our truck bed that are basically permanent fixtures, further decreasing our available bed length.

With the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier, you can get your truck bed back. Cari-Mor feature a patented deck and lower support unit that adjusts to the depth and height of your truck's tailgate. All you need is a class two (most common) or class three reciever hitch and you are ready to go. Cari-Mor will now carry the heavy cargo that your tailgate was not intended for.

Unique Solution For ATV Carrier

You no longer need a tow-behind trailer to haul your ATV to camp. With the Cari-Mor Truck Bed Extension & Cargo Carrier, one or two ATV's can ride in the back of your truck.

Without the hassles of your tow-behind trailer, traveling with your ATV will now be easier. Cari-Mor has several strong tie-down locations...something your tailgate doesn't have. With your ATV secured to the Cari-Mor, you can utilize the tie-down's in your truck bed for an extra secure ride.

With all the weight riding on your bed extender, your tailgate and truck are safe from damage. After you reach camp and get the ATV unloaded, the Cari-Mor can be folded up and it will have virtually opposed to the 5 or 6 trailers your buddies would have in your parking lot. And of course, Cari-Mor makes a great seat or work platform. You can think of Cari-Mor is your truck's swiss army knife.