Truck Bed Extender With Tailgate Down
Truck Bed Extender - Up Position
Bed Extender and Tailgate Folded Up For Travel
Cargo Carrier Function

Bed Extender & Cargo Carrier...

Functions as both a truck bed extender and cargo carrier.

Cari-Mor has a unique competitve advantage, it functions as both a truck bed extender and cargo carrier.

Our patented deck and lower support unit adjust to the depth and height of your specific tailgate. With the front and back gaurd rails removed, you are ready to drive your ATV, motorcycle, or other recreational vehicle onto the Cari-Mor bed extender. Best of all, Cari-Mor was designed for heavy loads and you no longer have to risk damage to your tailgate.

With the Gaurd rails attached and the Cari-Mor cargo bag, you have the best made cargo carrier on the market. It's can haul more cargo with Cari-Mor.


Engineered For Payload and Strength...

Bed extender can handle heavy cargo, preventing damage to your tailgate and truck.

Cari-Mor is beauty in engineering and design. Yes, it looks like a piece of jewelry for your truck but it is engineered for payload. Intelligent engineering allows for versatility and unsurpassed strength.

All you need is a truck or SUV equipped with a Class 2 or 3 reciever hitch, enough suspension to handle the cargo you are loading in your truck bed, and Cari-Mor will deliver. Our tailgate extender is strong enough to function as an ATV carrier, motorcycle carrier, snowmobile carrier, or lumber carrier. If you are a truck enthusiast and looking for a bed extender or cargo carrier that is as tough as your truck....look no further than Cari-Mor

Please Note....The Cari-Mor truck bed extension and cargo carrier can hold more weight than your truck and reciever hitch can. Please be safe and do not exceed the weight capacities of your reciever hitch and/or truck.

Fits All Truck Models and Hauling Situations...

The best truck bed extension & cargo carrier on the market.

Our lower support unit slides into your hitch receiver. You then adjust the unit to the depth and height of your truck, SUV, or hauling situation. Our 24" x 54" and 24" x 61" decks then slide onto the lower support unit to provide you with unsurpassed strength and veratility, plus up to 3' of support beyond the end of your tailgate.

You can remove the gaurd rails for all different types of bed extension applications. The cari-mor truck bed extender can be used to carry your ATV and other recreational vehicles in your truck bed. Cari-Mor can handle the weight that your tailgate was not designed for, so why purchase a bed extender that puts all the weight on your just doesnt make sense. You want the brand that protects your tailgate.

Haul more cargo with Cari-Mor.